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Frequently Asked Questions

Taking action on digitally managing your cemetery can raise a lot of questions. We are here to answer them all for you!

If a question was left unanswered, let us know!

What does a service like this cost?

Our prices are unique to your cemetery. We price based on acreage, plot and memorial count, as well as the state of your current records.

How do you gather our records?

We are a full service company. We actually travel to your cemetery, scan all of your records in house for you, and turn them into digital records. This eliminates any work for your cemetery staff, allowing for an easy transition. If you already have digital records, they can simply be imported right into the provided software.

How do you make sure the map is accurate?

As mentioned above, we will be on-site at your cemetery to actually see the layout of the cemetery. Not only do we create the map based off of the maps you have in place, we also verify the memorials and plots on the ground with your current maps. This ensures accuracy in regards to the mapping instead of it being done totally remotely.

Can we lose our data once it's digital?

Your records are not going anywhere. Before we ever import them into the software, we provide you with a Microsoft Excel document of your records. This can be stored wherever you feel is safe, and can also be printed out if you feel necessary. Once your records are imported into the software, you can be sure they are safe as you are able to do constant data backups within the software.

Is the mapping service required?

The mapping feature is not required. If you just need help getting your data into a digital format, we are here to help!

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