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Why choose Lazarus?

While there are several options available when going digital, we can assure you we will be a perfect fit for many reasons.

Here is why:


We highly doubt you will find anyone else who will be on-site and viewing every single memorial within your cemetery. We believe there is no way to be 100% sure where grave locations are unless you physically see the locations on the ground. Mapping remotely using just paper records, an excel sheet, and an old satellite image from Google is a surefire way to have incorrect burial locations on your new digital map. Lazarus will travel to your cemetery, scan any relevant paper records on-site, and walk the cemetery grounds. We will video the cemetery row by row, and fly a 4k, cinematic quality drone over the cemetery. The capturing of this media will allow us to always be able to reference your grave locations for excellent mapping accuracy. We will also be transcribing the records we scanned. Using the scanned records, any paper maps you may have, the videos we took, and the drone imagery of the cemetery, we will be able to cross reference information, and bring your cemetery up to date. 


We are known to be anywhere from 30%-75% below our competitor's prices. We are a small team that focuses on preserving your cemetery for the future, and doing so accurately. Click here to receive a free quote, we bet you will be impressed with our pricing!


Along with our affordability comes value. As we mentioned above, it is highly unlikely you will find another company who does the leg work that we do to ensure you are getting an accurate and up to date solution. Our competitors will try and give you a cemetery management solution while doing everything remotely, and for a much higher price. Even though we travel to you, walk your entire cemetery grounds, scan your records, transcribe your records, map out your cemetery, and implement a cemetery software, we still are able to come in below our competitors in terms of pricing. Now that's value!

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