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Record Transcription

We will personally travel to your cemetery and scan your records. After the scanning is complete, our team will then transcribe your records into a digital format. Finding the staff or volunteers necessary for a task like this can be difficult, leave that work for us.

Records never leave your site

Records are organized and preserved for the future

Records are now digital and ready to be imported into a cemetery software

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Aerial Satellite Mapping

Convert your paper maps, into digital maps! This allows you to search your entire cemetery in seconds. No need to dig through paper, and no need to go out to the cemetery to view grave sites. That is the power of cemetery software!

Digital and searchable from anywhere

We walk the entire cemetery to compare the ground to your current records

Keep accurate inventory with color coded open, sold, and occupied plots

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Drone Services

Using a 4k, cinematic quality drone, we are able to provide you with a variety of professional drone works. 

Cinematic flyovers for websites, marketing, and more

Aerial drone imagery for a crisp mapping experience

Replace any current satellite images

Photography of cemeteries, Churches, main offices, and more

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Memorial Photography

We provide a memorial photography service so you can have pictures of each headstone, memorial, columbarium, or any other object you would want photographed.

Allow the public to view pictures of grave sites

Easy viewing for admin purposes

View from any device, anywhere

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Want to learn more?

Find out more on why Lazarus is the easiest transition into cemetery software.


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